Which camera is right for your creative need?

What do you do more often?

What is your favorite thing to photograph/film?

Random Stuff in the Studio

Camera weight preference. How strong/willing are you?

I can carry a big camera all day everyday
I can carry a camera, but rather not. It's annoying.
I can't. I'd get too tired.
I'd like something light, portable and versatile.

If you work with video, do you prefer 4K?

No, still shooting regular 1080p and 720p
Yes! 4K is newest and greatest
I don't care, clear enough to see it on my computer or phone.

What enviorment do you shoot in?

Dry, air conditioned mostly. Outside every once in awhile.
Wet or dry, rain or shine!
Underwater, out of water, everywhere!

Do you prefer detailed, close ups or wide shots?

Both on occasion. Don't have a preference.
Wide all the way! The more the better
Up close and personal. I love capturing emotion and detail

What color combination do you like best?

Red & Black
Gold & Black
Orange & Black
Grey & Black
I don't have a preference. Why does this matter lol?